After the Drought, The Flood


Canyon Senna

Max Larsen, Sports Editor

Many different types of native plants have recently bloomed in Arizona due to the unusual amount of rain and cool weather. According to AZ Family, Arizona has accumulated over 10 inches of rainfall just this year, which is more than any year for the past decade. In this record-breaking year, some of Arizona has been partially relieved of drought, according to AZ Water.  

As AZ Water states, the early months of 2019 have had massive amounts of rain. The amount of showers and cold weather has caused Arizona to decrease the severity of its drought status. In Northeastern Arizona, a D2 drought, otherwise known as a Severe Drought, has been marked down to a D1 drought, shown in the massive amount of flowers seen all over the state. Phoenix had the highest ranking of droughts with a D4 drought, or an Exceptional Drought. According to E-Education, droughts are measured using a Palmer Drought Severity Index. This device measures the amount of rainfall and humidity, and compares it with the temperatures and how fast they rise to determine a drought severity. With the dry land slowly rehydrating, along with the addition of moisture and cool breezes, the desert has since turned green with its many native plants. The Sonoran Desert is blooming with flowers, some of which are included here.