DIY Halloween Decorations under Five Dollars

This Halloween, why spend 50 to 100 dollars on Halloween decorations when you can make them at home for less than five dollars? This article will teach you how to do so creatively and effectively.

Grace Freed, Columnist

Spooky Potion Bottles


  1. Glass jars, jugs, or cups (you can get these at a dollar store)
  2. Labels (you can use a printer or buy them at a dollar store)


  1. Print or purchase some spooky labels. You can find free printable potion labels here.
  2. Take the label and glue, tape, or stick onto the glass bottle of your choice.

That’s it, now you have potion bottles and are ready for the spooky season! If you would like to go a step further, you can fill the glass with candy, glitter, slime, etc.

Eerie Living Room


  1. Sheets (these can be bought at a dollar store)
  2. Any furniture already in your home
  3. Cobwebs and other spooky decor (optional)
  4. White pillow cases (optional)


  1. Cover any furniture in your living room with sheets. For smaller furniture, white pillow cases can be used as well. 
  2. To go a step further, you may add cobwebs and other little decorations to tie the room together.

There you go, your eerie living room is complete. Enjoy your spooky, worn-down living room for this year’s spooky season.

Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Jars


  1. Glassware of your choice; you can use glass cups, mason jars, or anything you have lying around. Glassware also only costs one dollar at the Canadian Dollar Store. 
  2. Mod Podge; Mod Podge is a type of craft glue that can go for around two dollars at Michaels.
  3. Spooky Confetti; you can cut out pieces of paper that have any Halloween colors of your choice, or you can buy some at the Dollar Tree for one dollar.
  4. A sheet of printer paper and coloring materials; you can use any coloring and art materials around your house and a blank sheet of printer paper. 


  1. Color and create labels using printer paper. Some ideas can be unicorn tears, spider sparkles, and bat kisses. Decorate the labels however you would like and tape or glue the label to your glassware.
  2. Coat the entire glassware in mod podge until completely dry. Don’t touch the glass; the mod podge is what makes the glass glow.
  3. With your cut up paper or purchased confetti, place into the glassware when the mod podge is dry.

After the spooky confetti is done being poured into the glassware, turn off the lights and watch your masterpiece glow. The label should be brightly glowing if not, add some more mod podge onto the glass. Once it glows you’re done. Enjoy your glowing glassware!