Has Bubble Gum Blown Us Away?

We all love chewing gum, but did you know that it could be beneficial for your brain?


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Bubblegum can be both good and bad for you.

Ty Larsen, Columnist

Benefits of Bubble Gum Chewing 

One beneficial attribute of chewing gum is that it can improve your attention span for a long term project. According to SelectHealth, gum can raise your level of memory and your concentration. So why do teachers not give you bubble gum if it improves focus? Horizon Honors Secondary Teacher Mr. Sheveland replied with,“I don’t give bubble gum to students because we don’t want students to put it under the desk, and it is not necessary.”

An additional reason for why gum is beneficial to people is because, according to SelectHealth, it can burn calories. Yes, the chewy tasty thing burns calories. If you chew bubble gum for approximately one hour, you will burn about 11 calories. If you chew it for several hours, you may burn up to about 50 calories. Adding on to that, a reason to chew gum is because it can keep your teeth healthy, but it has to be sugarless gum. Besides that, you can grab your delicious sugar free piece of gum, put it in your mouth and then chew. It can also get rid of some food or plaque from the food you just ate that got stuck in your teeth. 

Negative Effects of Chewing Bubble Gum 

Although there are good reasons to chew gum, there are also reasons not to. A reason why bubble gum is bad for you is because it may have a lot of sugar, with up to five grams of sugar in one piece. Adding on to that, another reason why bubble gum is bad for you is because it can decay your teeth from plaque build-up and excess sugar. According to Ladders, gum can also cause jaw problems as a result of just chewing for minutes or even hours. Adding on to that, it can give you headaches. It does this by increasing tension on your body which then gives you headaches.

To wrap things up, gum has several benefits for you, such as helping you focus and giving you a longer attention span. At the same time, gum has reasons for why it is bad for you, like how it can hurt your jaw and could give you headaches.