Ty Larsen

Ty Larsen, Columnist

Ty Larsen is a columnist for The Horizon Sun. He is athletic, and likes to play sports and take his pet dog, Freddy, to the park. Larsen also has five fish. A seventh grader, this is his first year in Journalism, which he picked up due to an interest in creative writing. Larsen has an older brother named Max, who is an editor for The Horizon Sun. An eager student, Larsen always pays attention and does his best in school.  Larsen also likes to have fun and be nice to everyone in order to make everyone feel safe. Larsen’s favorite subjects in school are Journalism and Math, but his favorite thing in school is lunch, because he gets to mess around with his friends Jake and Kenneth. Larsen has been at Horizon for seven years, and loves the school. Larsen wanted to play for the Horizon Honors soccer team this year, but could not because of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic.


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