School Organization and How It Can Relieve Stress.

A certain level of stress is normal. Many students suffer from high amounts of stress, but one great strategy to relieve this stress is organization.



Organizing for school is a great way to get rid of stress.

Grace Freed, Columnist

Organization is a major part of many students’ days including cleaning, re-decorating, and much more. Although some students don’t have this skill, because of this “stress levels can reach high measures and cause students to not be able to focus” according to Accredited Schools Online. In school, all students have either a desk or a table to work on- having this space neat and tidy can relieve stress. Some ways to keep students’ space neat and organized are below.


Having your backpack organized is the first step to your workspace being organized as well. Having your bag organized helps you have a quick and easy reach to everything you need for the day. When grabbing a binder, book, or folder, being unable to find it in your backpack is going to cause more stress. Being able to find everything in no time is a very efficient way to organize your bag.


Bringing all your books and binders to class will cause major stress. If you don’t have to bring something, don’t. Minimizing what you bring to class each day will make you more focused on the lesson than on finding your paper because you brought three folders, journals, or binders. Next time you bring all your supplies to class, think about what you really need to be successful that day.


You should organize your binders if they have paper spilling out or you are unable to locate specific papers inside them. It takes little to no effort to organize your binder. Simply use the “three step cleaning” strategy from Workzone. 

  1. Get rid of what you don’t need.
  2. Put all papers in the right places.
  3. Put loose papers in the side pockets.


Once all steps are completed you can move on to your desk. When you arrive in class make sure your neat and tidy binder is out and you are ready to go. 

  • Make sure you label your papers and binders/folders. Always include the class and your name on everything just in case it gets misplaced. 
  • Only put stuff on the desk if it is needed. If you pile everything on your desk it causes stress and “when you only put stuff on your desk that is needed it can decrease stress,” according to Workzone.
  • Always keep water and food away from your papers. If anything happens and your water or food spills on your work it can create major stress and may cause you to be unable to read your writing.
  • When you leave your class or workspace, straighten up your area before the next person comes. Some simple ways to do so are pushing in your chair and picking up any trash on the floor. You can also wipe your desk down with a wipe and take all your stuff, placing it neatly in your bag to make it easily accessible. 

Doing the steps above can cause less stress and major grade improvement. Desk spaces are very important to keep clean and tidy, especially when you are trying to focus and get straight A’s.