Bye Bye Monday

Monday: the first weekday and hated by many.

Monday mornings are never fun.

For A State of Happiness

Monday mornings are never fun.

Ty Larsen, Columnist

Why do people hate Monday so much? Waking up early on Monday is not enjoyable. Essentially, people hate Monday so much because you just finished the weekend. You go to bed, get relaxed, then all of a sudden, Monday is here, and you have to get up out of bed and go to school or work. Aside from that, many say Monday has few positives. The only good thing about Monday is that once it’s over you don’t have to deal with it for six more days! Besides that, however, Monday is dreaded by most people, according to INC.

According to YourDOST, Mondays don’t have to be that bad. If you have a good sleep schedule, then you can wake up on Monday and feel good after a good night’s rest. However, to allow this, you can’t have any leftover work. Monday could be bad if you have homework or something for your job because you procrastinated. Then, you end up not being ready to go to work or school, and have to tell your boss or teacher about your incompletion of work. Another way to make Monday good is by not sleeping past your alarm and trying your best to get out of bed. This, however, can be applied to any day. According to Healthline, it can be beneficial to drink a glass of water or splash your face with it in the morning. This is because water is a way of cleaning out the toxins in our bodies. Likewise, according to USA Today, splashing cold water on your face can help wake you up and feel more energized.

Sadly for Monday, it will probably always be the most hated day of the week. Monday is placed on a day that nobody wants to wake up to, and unfortunately, there is not much one can do to make Mondays exciting.