Gift Wrapping

Step-by-step instructions on how to wrap a gift perfectly!

Julia Tucker, Columnist

For reference, in the photos both a cylinder and a box are being wrapped.

  1. Measure your wrapping paper.  Put the gift at one of the corners with the largest side down, then flip it 3 times along the edge. Cut just beyond the edge of the gift.
  2. Fold side one over to the top and pull tight. Secure with a piece of tape.
  3. Wrap the rest of the paper around the gift and secure with tape.
  4. On each end of the gift, fold paper down from the top and tape to gift box.
  5. Fold paper in from each side. Tape.
  6. Fold the triangle up and tape.
  7. Decorate however you want, and you’re done! For example, you can add a bow, some ribbon, glitter, gift tags, calligraphy, candy canes, or a DIY decoration.

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