Gift Wrapping Hacks

Meghan Tuzzolino, Columnist

It’s the holiday season, and everyone likes to receive a beautiful present wrapped with love. This, however, can be difficult to achieve, and paying to get your present wrapped can cost anywhere from $20 to $40. So here are some tips and tricks to make your gift wrapping skills top notch.

The Perfect Wrap:

Finding a cute, affordable, and durable wrapping paper can be difficult. However, there are some tricks to finding one easy-peasy. First, any paper that includes foil usually is more durable and can fold easier over the edges of the gift. Next, look for a paper that doesn’t come in a huge roll. Although it may look like it lasts, jumbo rolls typically contain very thin wrapping paper in a large amount, making the customer think that they are getting a bargain while the maker is saving money.

The Perfect Fold:

This part can make or break a present; it can either take it to the next level or just make your present look tacky. However, some tricks to achieving this step include double sided tape. No matter how “see-through” a company claims that their tape is, it can still be seen and just makes the present look sloppy. Instead, a small piece of double sided tape on the innermost layer of the wrapping paper can’t be seen and will make your folds look seamless.

The Perfect Bow:

This last step in wrapping a gift can take it from “plain Jane” to extravagant, or the exact opposite. Although bows can be a struggle, there is  a simple way to get the perfect classic bow every time. When you make your bunny ear, instead of wrapping the other stretch of ribbon around it, make a loop with the other strand of ribbon and pull it through for the perfect size on both sides. Next, take the strings hanging down, fold them over hotdog style, and cut facing away from the bow. This will leave you with a classic bow that looks too good to be true.

These hacks are not only perfect for the holiday season but also birthdays, wedding presents, or even hostess gifts. With these hacks you will have everyone wanting you to wrap their presents!