Cameron Foley, Features & Extras Editor

2020 has been… interesting. Personally, this year has been great, I’ve gotten regular mental checkups, more friends, and fulfilling hobbies. For the world however, this year has been pretty terrible, and it’s taken a toll on me as well. So let’s get a little introspective to see what I am truly grateful for.

I’ve mentioned this time and time again: my amazing boyfriend. He is what gets me through the week, because I know that every weekend, I get to see him for a few hours. Without him always supporting me, and lighting up my day, I wouldn’t have anything to be grateful for. Along with my boyfriend, my friends online have been a great help. I play TF2 competitively, and that means constantly striving for improvement, and my friends are always there. After school we hop on and play for a bit, talking, sharing memes, and (playfully) roasting each other. This conveniently brings me to my hobbies, one of which being TF2. Over the past four and a half years, I’ve logged 2500 hours in the masterpiece, and been taught by people playing at the absolute highest level of gameplay. I’ve even managed to make some money with Big Brain™ trading. It’s a relaxing thing I can do without going out into the scary world of today.

Of course I’m still grateful for my family, education, where I was born yada yada yada… the normal boring things that everyone has heard. I just wanted to share some more unique things I am grateful for. After all, I’m the only boy alive lucky enough to have my boyfriend.