Gratitude During COVID

Zane Khogyani, Columnist


Undoubtedly, my friends are the most important people to me in this whole world. It’s been very strange not seeing the people I used to talk with everyday. I still text them, but it’s never the same. I miss seeing everyone’s smiles that always used to brighten up my day. I’m thankful they’re still here and I haven’t lost sight of what’s important.


COVID-19 is a great tragedy for many, some of which have lost a parent, grandparent or someone very close to them. I am so lucky to have not lost any close relatives to COVID. I am so glad my grandparents are still here, since they bring so much joy to me. I’m glad to live in a healthy family and I cannot say how fortunate we are to be financially secure. I show only sympathy for those who have lost someone dear or are in a dreadful place.


Who doesn’t love spending time with pets? It’s terrible that some people have allergies to animals. I have a very cute dog at my dad’s named Coconut. I’m unsure of her dog breed, but she is fun, energetic, and loving. She has soft, fluffy fur and is very well behaved. I love her. At my mom’s house we have two cats. The cat in the image is Sophie. When we first got Sophie, she absolutely hated people petting her, however, now it’s her favorite. She’s very soft as well as calm, but when her brother’s around, it’s a chase! Her brother is a tabby, like she is, but he is all black. 

The best thing we can do during this time of pain and sorrow is to be focused on what we have. With Thanksgiving around the corner, let’s try to thank each other for what they’ve all done for us.