Zane Khogyani

Zane Khogyani, Columnist

Zane Khogyani is an eighth grader at Horizon Honors, and has attended the school for nine years. Both Khogyani and his twin brother, Adam, have lived in Arizona their whole lives, with Horizon Honors being the only school they’ve ever attended. This is Khogyani’s first year in Journalism, which he has been looking forward to. He enjoys things such as video games, swimming, music, and spending time with his friends. Khogyani has three pets; Coconut, a dog, and two cats, Sophie and Licorice. He plays two instruments; the trumpet and keyboard. Khogyani has traveled all around the world, and has visited some remarkable places such as Japan, London, Panama, France, Italy and much more. He likes watching movies and enjoys two TV series’ more than any other; The Legend of Korra and BNHA. Khogyani likes sushi, but enjoys many different types of foods as well. He dreams of becoming a scientist or a lawyer, and looks to attend law school.


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