What Your Favorite Color Says About You


Zane Khogyani

Your personality and your favorite color may be correlated.

Zane Khogyani, Columnist

Our world is diverse with color, being able to see around ten million different colors. From book covers to buildings, color is everywhere. Little do we realize how much of an impact color actually has on us. We associate colors with the things we enjoy or don’t. Colors are commonly used in marketing, which we don’t realize influences the products we buy.

Feelings about colors vary from person to person, but each color typically has a common mood. This is why people who like the same color may share similar personality traits.

  • According to the London Image Institute, red attracts the most attention amongst colors. If someone likes the color red, they tend to have an eye for adventure.
  • If orange is one’s favorite color, they are an optimistic person with an enthusiastic nature. People who like orange are typically known to be very social people who enjoy having conversation, says The Land Of Color.
  • The color yellow provokes happiness and activates the left side of the brain, the logical side. Like orange, yellow lovers are optimists too. They are calming people to be around because of their energetic personalities.
  • People who like the color blue are serene and peaceful. They are loyal to those they care for. Blue is associated with clear blue skies, signifying happiness, although they can also signify sadness.
  • Empowered by Color explains that if someone’s favorite color is pink, they are a more kind, generous person who is also sensitive. They have an optimistic outlook on life and look for the good in people, although others might see you as immature for being easily excited.
  • According to London Image Institute, if purple is your favorite color, you have high ideals and you thrive off creativity. You are a helper and have an eye for unique things.
  • Green lovers are down-to-earth and love to give advice and help people. According to Big Think, they also like to analyze things before diving into them. Green symbolizes harmony and security and signifies growth.
  • Black is associated with darkness and upsetting moods but has a positive outlook as well. Liking black denotes that someone is bold, unique, and a strong, trustworthy person.
  • The color commonly associated with purity, white shows you have a calm and peaceful nature and are an independent and logical person says Better Help.

Even with the various meanings of colors, it is important to remember that they do not define who we are and what we like. Still, our personalities may have a connection to our favorite colors. These colors that we observe can relate to us and may even tell us what we admire in a person.