Start Recycling, Save Our Earth

Though recycling has challenges, it is the first step to a better environment.

Recycling is an important part of protecting our planet.

Recycle Coach

Recycling is an important part of protecting our planet.

Melissa Sayadinejad, Columnist

For years, recycling has been preached. Many haven’t listened and, as a result, our earth is getting trashed. The EPA says that even though over the past 60 years 25 percent of people have begun recycling, only 32 percent of people in America currently recycle. Damage from not recycling increases plastic pollution, since waste ends up in large bodies of water. It also causes climate pollution.

Recycling is often seen as difficult, hard, or impossible. Forbes says  the main reason being is because often recyclables get contaminated by small plastic particles like straws or containers, which are mistaken for recyclable. This ruins the entire load and is brought to the trash instead.

Though recycling helps our environment greatly, it saves energy, decreases pollution, conserves natural resources like water, and many more, states the EPA. Students should start recycling now.

Even if recycling has challenges, doing even the smallest things to support the environment can help significantly. A simple and helpful way to recycle can be to use recycling drop-off centers.

Another easy way can be to set up recycling bins, reuse materials, save grocery bags and buy recycled goods, says SFGates. Doing these simple activities brings us closer to reducing greenhouse gasses and pollution and saving energy.

Whether you take part in a small activity to help our environment like recycling goods, or taking the time to do something bigger, every detail is one step closer to saving our earth.