The Spectacular Supercharged Tree

This newly altered tree may be able to stop global warming.

The supercharged tree has the ability to change the fate of the climate.


The supercharged tree has the ability to change the fate of the climate.

Melissa Sayadinejad, Columnist

The “supercharged tree” is a hybrid poplar tree that has undergone genetic alteration in order to absorb more carbon dioxide and decrease the consequences of climate change, says ABC17 News. Climate issues have been caused by the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, according to CNN. Global environmental problems have already left an extraordinary amount of damage to the earth, which is part of the problem of climate change. The change is nearly irreversible; however, these trees could help.

The supercharged tree will eventually convert carbon dioxide to wood as it grows. Additionally, Woodland Trust explains that these trees help lower city temperatures, minimize pollution, and prevent flooding. Though these trees don’t develop over a foot per year, a tree that can grow significantly quicker and taller could truly reverse climate change.

Although there has already been significant damage caused by climate change, there is great optimism for the future with these trees. An organization called Living Carbon has already conducted test plantings on former mine grounds to prepare for its 2023 goal of planting 4 million trees. According to Living Carbon, it will have eliminated 604 million metric tons of carbon by 2030 if it doubles the acreage of trees it currently has planted each year.

The new and powered enhanced tree can and will accomplish extraordinary successes with the right adjustments. With organizations like Living Carbon working on it, the possibility of reversing climate change is now closer than ever.