Sporks: The Happy Medium

Jaidan Leonard, Columnist

When eating your food, you use utensils, but not always the right one. You have forks and you have spoons; some foods can be eaten with both, others can only be eaten with one. A simpler solution is just using them both. We know it as the best invention to mankind: the spork. The spork is a mix between the spoon and the fork, and should be used more in restaurants and schools.

There are some foods, like soup, that can only be eaten with a spoon. There are also foods like yogurt, pudding, ice cream, rice, and applesauce that can be eaten with a fork, but it is much easier to use a spoon. Foods like, steak, cake, noodles, and orange chicken are normally eaten with a fork for easiness.

However, some people like to use one utensil for all of their foods. For instance, my brother and I love mac and cheese, and in our house, which utensil to use is a big deal. I prefer to use a spoon, but my brother prefers a fork. Both ways are right; it just depends on how you use it and what you grew up using. It’s also based on what is more comfortable to use. However, meals like chicken noodle soup need to be eaten with both, so if you don’t want to have to switch utensils between bites, a spork is perfect.

Not only are sporks easier to use, but they are also financially convenient. On Amazon, a pack of 1000 sporks cost $13.75  For a pack of 1000 for forks, and spoons the prices are almost $16 each. As you can see, sporks are far less expensive than purchasing separate spoons and forks. A thousand sporks also takes up less room than a thousand forks combined with a thousand spoons. Both money and space are saved.

Sporks can solve lots of our food problems, it take the spoon and fork and makes them into one that can be used to eat any food, whether it’s liquid or solid. The only true opposition is that sporks sometimes have tines so small they’re inefficient, but sporks with larger tines are available for purchase. Overall, sporks can be useful both financially and for efficiency. Schools and restaurants should start using sporks to save money and have no complaints that a customer or student can’t eat their food because of their utensil.