The Bird Fight of 2020

The last time the Arizona Cardinals beat the Seattle Seahawks at home was during the 2012 season.


Image courtesy of State Farm Stadium

Ty Larsen, Columnist

To start the game, Seattle made two long-distance passes and ran the ball down for a touchdown, scoring within less than 5 minutes and 6 total plays. Seattle played hard defense, forcing a turnover, then ran the ball down for the second score of the game, making the score 10-0, after scoring a field goal. After a good fight, the Arizona Cardinals returned the favor, scoring just before the start of the second quarter. The entirety of the second quarter was spent fighting back and forth over the ball. Seattle continued to make a field goal and then finished off the quarter just before half time with another touchdown, going down the field in just three throws from Russel Wilson. The score was now 20-7 going into the third quarter, with Seattle ahead.

The Arizona Cardinals were able to make a few quick plays down the field, scoring themselves another touchdown during the third quarter. With the score now being 20-14, Seattle knew they had to secure the game. Seattle’s QB Russle Wilson ran a 30 yard run down the middle of the field. Seattle was able to make another touchdown with an outstanding catch by Tyler Lockett, securing Seattle’s lead of 27-14. It wasn’t looking good for the Arizona Cardinals, however, QB Kyler Murray has never failed to bring the “we can win attitude,” and did exactly that.  The Cardinals made a few good plays. They are in field goal range and they made the field goal. Kyler Murray, the QB for the Cardinals made a great run through the middle of the field and got a 25-30 yard run and almost got the first down. After that play it was a turn over to the Seahawks and the first play was a great run by Carlos Hyde on the sideline. Adding on to that, it is a turnover and the Arizona Cardinals have been doing a couple of great throws and now they are on first and goal. Will they score? Surprisingly Kyler Murray scored a touchdown and now the score is 24-27. This game could really go either way, the points are so close throughout the whole game but the Cardinals have not been up one time this game so it looks like it might go to the Seahawks. Just a couple minutes later the Seahawks score and now they are up 34-24. But just after that the Cardinals score a 52 yard field goal but there is a flag thrown for the defence,  now its 1st in goal Cardinals, and the Cardinals got the touchdown. That worked out for them because they got more points off of that then getting the field goal. Now the score is 31-34. Will the Cardinals pull off the win? With only 2 seconds left, the Cardinals made a 58 yard field goal and tied the game, pushing them into overtime. The Cardinals made a run that was gained from Edmonds. The Seahawks made a touchdown but were given a flag so it did not count. This game could not have gotten any more intense. The Cardinals got an interception which gave them a couple of yards but it doesn’t matter if a turnover occurs. After that, the Cardinals got a field goal and won the game. Although they were down pretty much the entire game, they were able to make their way back to the top of the scoreboard and come out with a win.