Terrified of the Terrifier?

A few audience members were scared out of consciousness while watching “Terrifier 2.”

Terrfier 2 scares many out of their wits.

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“Terrfier 2” scares many out of their wits.

Maya Zappa, Columnist

“Terrifier 2” is a brutal horror movie. Art the Clown, the film’s main villain, originated in “Terrifier” and “All Hallow’s Eve. This newest movie was released on Oct. 6, 2022. According to IMBD, its rating has been high, but some critics took a few points off for how disgusting and disturbing it is. The nasty scenes earning these deductions have caused fainting and nausea in theaters.

“Terrifier 2” is about a clown, named Art, that returns to Miles County, the setting of the first movie. Art has no established motives to his filmographic killings, he just kills. When the movie starts, few believe that he is actually going to come back because of how long he’s been gone. When Art returns, he tries to terrorize two siblings throughout the whole movie. “Terrifier 2” is known for its horrific and brutal deaths rather than its jump scares, contrasting it with most other horror films.

According to EW, many audience members watching “Terrifier 2” have passed out and thrown up while watching the film due to its excessive gore. In several cases, theater-goers called paramedics to ensure that audience members were okay. There are many scenes that are gross, gory, and terrifying, but one specific scene has left many people disgusted. Known as the “bedroom scene,” it is the worst murder in the whole movie.

“Terrifier 2” is showing that horror doesn’t always have to be jump scares and screams. The scares, instead, can come from being nasty and repulsive. There are other movies like this one, but the degree to which this one goes has made people aware of their own scare level and limits. Now it seems that this movie has created a whole new style of horror movies. It is entirely possible that more movies will start to take this route based on the success of “Terrifier 2.”