Eighth Grade Promotion Pictures


Christi Britt

Eighth graders Faith Gallo and Walied Harfouche. Student pictures will be used in the ceremony to honor the work of the “graduating” class.

Ariana White, Columnist

Eighth grade promotion is approaching, and students had their photos taken to be used at the ceremony to commemorate this milestone. Eighth graders dressed up on Wednesday, Feb. 19, for the promotion pictures which took place in the Media Center, during the first block of the day. Students filed into the room which was lit up by the constant flashes of the cameras from behind the two big curtains.

Although the thought of photos made some students nervous, the photographers were very helpful, giving instruction until the perfect picture was taken.

After the variety of pictures were taken, students just walked back to class. Pictures were taken for the eighth grade promotion event.  First, baby pictures are displayed on a projector and the crowd has fun guessing who’s who.  The answer comes when the promotion pictures follow.  This has been a part of Horizon Honors tradition for over a decade.  According to Tami Wright, who taught middle school for several years and played a major role in planning the event, “Middle School is a challenging time, both academically and socially.  Making it to the end of that part of a student’s journey should be celebrated by everyone who loves them. The ceremony is a perfect congratulations!”  This year’s ceremony takes place on May 24 in the gym.