Camryn Marshall, Columnist

Camryn Marshall is currently a 16-year-old junior at Horizon Honors and is enrolled in her first year of Journalism as a columnist. She has been attending the school since kindergarten and plans to graduate in 2020, continuing her education at ASU. Camryn spends her time after school and on weekends surrounding herself with her teammates doing what she loves most: playing volleyball. Volleyball has been a part of her life since she was 12 years old, on her first YMCA team. She was involved with the program for two seasons until she decided she was ready to take on club volleyball at Club One Athletics. From age 12-15, she was accepted onto the platinum teams and played the positions of outside, setter, and libero. As a freshman in high school, she made the varsity team at Horizon Honors as a starting outside and has maintained the position throughout her junior year. When her life is not taken up with academics or athletics, Camryn involves herself with her job of seven months, working at In-N-Out as a Level 2. During her free time, Camryn enjoys hanging out with her friends, eating, taking naps, and bonding with her sister, Alexa.

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