The Bachelor: Jumping Fences and Boundaries

Who will get the final rose? Spoilers ahead.


Courtesy of ABC

The Bachelor narrows his selection.

Camryn Marshall, Columnist

The hit reality show “The Bachelor” is finishing up its 23rd season next Monday night and still manages to give us stories we’ve never seen before. Colton Underwood, former Illinois State University football linebacker, is this season’s bachelor and has managed to dwindle his 28 bachelorettes down to three possible brides: Hannah G., Cassie, and Tyshia.

After this Monday night’s episode, fans were left wondering who Colton will choose and why he jumped the fence in a moment that has been teased since the season premiere. This week, Colton took the three women to Portugal for fantasy suites and three one-on-one dates. The episode opened with his date with Tyshia, flying in a helicopter over old architecture; however, the next morning after the fantasy suite, Tyshia and Colton were left contemplating their feelings after having not been intimate in the suite. Colton expressed that he is not yet in love with Tyshia, but he could see them being together in the end.

During this point in the season, all the remaining women are expected to “be in love” or “falling in love” with the young bachelor, and it is very obvious when they are not. The second bachelorette, Cassie, has been struggling with this step in their relationship. Last week, the cast took Colton back to their hometowns to meet the women’s families, talk with those close to her, and most importantly, ask for their fathers’ blessing. Colton was granted permission by all fathers except Cassie’s, saying that he didn’t think Cassie was truly in love with Colton yet. On Monday night’s episode, after an incredible one-on-one date with Colton, Cassie revealed she didn’t know if she was in love yet and whether she could even ever get there. However, the audience was in complete shock when Colton replied by telling Cassie she was the one he was going to propose to in the end. The two continued to talk on camera, where he continually expressed he is “completely in love with her” and he would never stop fighting for her to stay. After 45 minutes of Cassie’s back-and-forth decision, she finally decided it was best for her to leave. Colton, in complete shock, couldn’t handle the heartbreak and ran off. Cameramen were chasing him when he finally jumped over a fence, leaving himself nowhere to be seen and creating a part two episode for next week.

Out of the three women, my first choice would definitely have to be Hannah. Although she didn’t get her spotlight one-on-one in this week’s episode due to Cassie’s indecisive meltdown, she and Colton have undeniable chemistry. The two have hit it off since the first season premiere when she was given the first impression rose. He constantly expresses how he could see an amazing future with her and how he is definitely falling in love. I believe Tyshia is a sweetheart, but after their night together, the two had obvious conflicts and even expressed some uncertainty during their interviews. I cannot see Colton choosing her, but I feel as though she would be an outstanding next bachelorette.

Cassie, on the other hand, has been shown to be a bit problematic. Over the past couple of episodes, there have been many occasions in which other women have addressed Colton about some bachelorettes not being there for the right reasons, meaning they are not there to fall in love. Cassie was a consistent callout in every one of these rumors. This, of course, is difficult not to link back to the fact that she staged one of the most dramatic exits on the show because she wasn’t yet in love… shocker. The real question is if Hannah and Tyshia will be able to marry Colton, knowing they were his second choice and that he could still possibly be in love with Cassie. I don’t believe Colton will get engaged in the finale because he exposed his feelings for the girls too soon and didn’t keep the audience in suspense by rather blatantly exposing his lust for Cassie.