Broadcast at Long Last

Video Broadcasting club needs members and it’s not too late to join!

Camryn Marshall, Columnist

This 2018-2019 school year is the first year Horizon Honors has offered a course in video broadcasting and now, you can join the club, too! Starting after school on Tuesday, January 29th, the Video Broadcasting Club will make its debut. The club will be held in the community room and is supervised by Kris Maglunog.

The Horizon Sun: What is video broadcasting?

Kris Maglunog: “It is a club where students can create packages and features promoting school and community events. They learn [different skills, such as] video editing, camera framing, and [adjusting] sound quality to make their videos stand out.”

The Sun: Why should kids join video broadcasting?

KM: “It is a great tool to learn editing skills for students who are looking into journalism, film, and TV industry. It is a lot of fun and kids do learn a lot.”

The Sun: What are some activities the club will be participating in?

KM:”We are currently working on projects covering school sports. Our club recently covered the homecoming basketball game on Facebook Live.”

The Sun: Can you join the club without experience?

KM: “Yes, you can!”

The Sun: What are your goals for video broadcasting club?

KM: “[Our] goals for our club are creating an outlet for students who love making movies, as well as creating a ‘show’ which students can produce to share school announcements, events, and everything Horizon.”

If you’re interested in pursuing video production or the film industry, make sure to join the Video Broadcasting Club. If you have any questions, go see Mr. Maglunog in the community room.

Editor’s note: responses have been edited for clarity.