The Dyson Sphere

Zane Khogyani, Columnist

This megastructure, the Dyson Sphere, is only theorized, but it could be signs of other possible lifeforms and lead to advancements unimaginable.

Physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson theorized a thought experiment called the Dyson Sphere, also known as the Dyson Swarm. It is a theoretical mega-structure built around stars. This structure would capture the energy of stars, which could then be put into use. If something as such were made, at 25 percent effectiveness, the structure could harvest as much as one million years worth of Earth’s energy in a second, all from one star. The hypothetical mega-structure would be man-made and shaped like a ring made of solar collectors around a star, says EarthSky.  A Dyson Sphere would be built around a star to collect its solar energy, which would be converted into other kinds of energy. It could potentially save humanity in thousands of years when we are low on resources. 

For decades the search for extraterrestrials has continued for astronomers in hope of finding any other life forms outside of our planet. There are tools they use to try to find these kinds of things, and one of these is called the Kardashev Scale. This is a scale from one to four used to measure the energy of a star. A two on the scale would mean a civilization would be able to control its star, specifically its energy, likely using a Dyson Sphere to do so. The likability of humankind making a Dyson Sphere sometime soon is not close to happening. Building a Dyson Sphere would take much time either having to launch solar collectors around a star, or having to place them, and we are talking thousands of these. The average star is around 100,000 feet in diameter so we aren’t anywhere close to making that much of an advancement yet.

Whether or not our civilization does come to make a Dyson Sphere, it could mean the end of humankind if we don’t unless we draw energy from another source once we’ve run out, on Earth.