Connor Davis
Connor Davis is a columnist for The Horizon Sun who enjoys covering subjects such as entertainment, outdoor events, natural subjects, social gatherings, and history. Recently, Davis has been in the past four theater productions while attending Horizon Secondary School. He enjoys acting as well as being part of a technical crew. He is an active member of The Boy Scouts of America, or  ScoutsBSA. Davis enjoys writing about historical events, using that in his writing. In the BSA, he enjoys hiking; his favorite spot is Chiricahua Park in northern Arizona, because of its naturally formed rock structures all along the hiking trail. Davis tends to over-analyze almost anything, such as imagery in photography, movies and books, looking for some sort of deeper meaning that usually isn't there. In his spare time, he enjoys reading Tom Clancy novels such as “The Hunt For Red October” and “Rainbow Six” and watching old black and white detective movies from the 1940’s and 50’s. His favorite movies in general are “Zodiac” and “Chinatown.”

Connor Davis, Columnist