“Clue” Review

Does “Clue” give you the best bang for your buck? Spoilers for the show are included.


Joshua Garrett

Though presented online, “Clue” was still a great show to see.

Connor Davis, Columnist

The semester play at Horizon Honors is upon us, and it’s gone through some pretty severe changes from what people are used to. This has not stopped the theater crew from putting on a good show, but is the show worth the ticket? I would say so, if not only for the amount of effort put into it given the situation, but also how the actors portray characters year after year.

Starting off, this show has gone through some ups and downs during COVID-19, from in-person, to no audience, to online. The theater production has had to adapt to a whole lot of challenges, but the final product speaks for itself. Each character has so much life put into them, even without full movements that would happen on stage. Noteworthy acting jobs are those of Matt Mouffe, senior, Olivia Carter, junior and Grady Newsum, sophomore. With Mouffe as Mr. Green, the character seems like a real person given the amount of life woven into the execution. Olivia Carter as Mrs. Peacock is dedicated fully to the role, and is very faithful to the rendition of the character that it is very entertaining to watch. Finally, Grady Newsum plays a rogues gallery of characters, from a Mr. Boddy to a motorist who eventually gets himself offed. With each character he gives a whole new peek into each of them. Overall though, each actor did something special with their character that makes the show worth going to.

However entertaining the characters may be, some parts are less than desirable to watch, whether that simply be the fact that the entire thing is online, or just because of the original script. I saw this when a scene seemed a little disconnected from everything else as a character gets murdered, but because of the online setting, the scene just felt off, with the character dying for what seemed no reason. Another example of this is the final scene where all the characters are pointing fingers, they go through every. Single. Possibility. This just makes the scene seem to drag on for longer than needed, though the problem is likely with the script itself. No matter what the case is however, the show is absolutely worth the ticket for the characters, actors, and effort put into the play.