Jacinda Bringas
As a first year journalism student, Jacinda is challenging herself as a senior by taking on the class that strives for dedication and commitment. Though a beginner in the class, she is not one in writing. Since transferring to Horizon Honors her freshman year, she's had the opportunity to learn from the best of the best teachers. With the end of her high school career near, she is determined to soak up every new experience possible.

When she is not roaming the halls of Horizon Honors you can find her on the softball field. She's been a varsity softball player since freshman year and expects to help carry the team to state alongside three other seniors this upcoming season. You can also find her on the elementary side, working with the younger children at Club Horizon. On the weekends, she enjoys being outside and in the company of her friends.

Jacinda Bringas, Columnist

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