Opening Up About Open Gyms

Although the school year is almost over, and sports seasons are at an end, Horizon Honors’ athletes plan to better themselves through open gyms.

Nate Hernandez, columnist

With the 2014-2015 school year ending and the 2015-2016 fall and winter sports seasons so close, Horizon Honors is holding open gyms for girls’ volleyball, boys’ and girls’ soccer, and girls’ basketball.

Open gyms are a good way for students to get back in the groove of their sport. Some players have not touched a ball since the end of last season, but with open gyms, teams can regain chemistry that might have been lost.

I have attended a soccer open gym and have overseen and helped out at a girls’ volleyball open gym. Many new players showed with some that had never played before. I believe open gyms are an amazing way to gain fresh talent and athleticism from students who haven’t considered playing a sport yet but are looking to see if they enjoy it or not.

Our school keeps in mind students and their schedules when facilitating open gyms. Each session is immediately after school (girls volleyball on Fridays, soccer on Wednesdays, girls’ basketball on Mondays until the end of the year) and end at 4:30 p.m., giving students time in the afternoon to complete assignments and project that they may be working on.

If you are planning on representing Horizon Honors by competing in a sport next year, it is a great idea to attend an open gym. It’s good to put some practice and work in to become the best player you can be because legends are created in the off-season.