Johnny Manziel Under Pressure for Being Under the Influence

After getting out of rehab for undisclosed reasons and promising his team that he would not embarrass them again, Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is in trouble again for going on a two-day drinking binge on Thursday, Nov. 20, and Friday, Nov. 21.

Jake Matise, Sports Editor

He just can’t stay out of trouble, can he? After being named the starter for the rest of the season, National Football League (NFL) quarterback Johnny Manziel decided to celebrate with some friends in Austin, Texas. While there isn’t anything wrong with that, a video was posted on social media of an obviously drunk Manziel singing and holding a champagne bottle in his hand. To make matters worse, he had promised his coach, Mike Pettine, that he wouldn’t do anything stupid during the team’s week off.

Manziel then made matters worse by lying to the Browns coaching staff about the incident, saying that the video was months old, which was obviously not true. On Wednesday, Nov. 25, the Browns demoted Manziel to third-string, effectively removing him from the starting position.

This is definitely not the first time Manziel has been in trouble for his immature actions. It is well-known that Manziel parties a lot, dating back to his days in college at Texas A&M. However, the NFL isn’t college. It’s time for Johnny Manziel to grow up and take responsibility for his poor choices, something he has yet to do.

Personally, I think the Browns made the right decision in demoting Manziel. After all, the entire coaching staff gave him clear instructions to not cause a media frenzy during their bye week, and Manziel did the exact opposite of what the organization wanted. As a NFL player, you have to be able to show good judgement, which is something Manziel lacks. Plus, Josh McCown, the quarterback who has retaken the starting role from Manziel, is a veteran who knows not to create a stir within the media and poorly represent the team. It’s also worth noting that McCown was unable to play due to an injury, so who knows what would have happened had he not gotten hurt?

Manziel also spent 10 weeks in a treatment center during the offseason for undisclosed reasons, but it’s not hard to take a guess as to what those reasons were. I give him some credit for attempting to get help, but those 10 weeks seem to have not changed Manziel’s reckless behavior.

All in all, Johnny Manziel continues to demonstrate that he is not mentally ready for a large role in the NFL as his poor actions have continued to show. I believe he has some potential to be a contributor on the field, but that will remain to be seen as long as his off-the-field issues continue to drag the rest of the team down with him.