Expect Delays in Airports

It is better to wait a little longer going through security with more thorough screening checks than to just speed through security not knowing if a fellow passenger is hiding something dangerous in their bag that got missed, and that is the precise reason you may be spending more time in airport security.

Leilani Rickertsen, Columnist

National and global airports are increasing security because of recent attacks and threats; in fact, many flights are being delayed or diverted because of high alert on suspicious behaviors. Most airlines are not saying exactly all the procedures that will take place to increase security, but they have said to arrive at least two hours before take off for domestic flights and three hours for international. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said that passengers should expect an increase in wait times at airport screening lanes because of their decision to no longer offer expedited screening to passengers who aren’t enrolled in its Precheck program.

Increasing security may take longer, but it is a good idea because I’d rather wait a little extra time and be safer than speed through security and risk danger. One of the changes they have said will be made is more police officers in patrol cars going around the airport, as well as on segways, bicycles, and on foot. You may see explosive detection K-9 teams patrolling the terminal areas as well. Authorities will also be doing random vehicle checks at the entrance to the airport.  They will additionally be doing more random hand swabbing for explosive residue as well as laptop checks.

Security is very important for the safety of millions of travelers. Increasing security will be better for everyone because it will keep you safer in your travels. I do feel, however, that they should have increased security like this a long time ago because it’s upsetting that attacks and threats had to be made before the decision to increase security.