Investigating the Forensics Elective

Forensics is one of many new additions to Horizon Honors’ list of electives.

Jake Matise, Sports Editor

This year, Horizon Honors added a forensics class as a new elective. So far, forensics has been unlike any other class previously held at Horizon Honors and is definitely one to consider taking next year. However, this class does require the successful completion of biology, and an enrollment or completion of chemistry, so it is only available to sophomores and up.

In forensics class, students learn how to apply their scientific knowledge to analyze evidence, similar to that of a crime scene. This class covers topics such as fingerprint examination, identifying forged documents, and even learning how to put shredded documents back together. The class has also gone over how to examine tire tracks and soil.  And that’s only what the class has done so far.


In the second semester, students will continue their crime scene analysis but with different topics. Students will focus more on evidence found at the crime scene, learning how to conduct a blood spatter analysis and examine ballistic evidence. Students will also look into drug-related evidence and learn how to fill out a toxicology report.

For forensics teacher Scott Gotham, the class is a realistic representation of what working in the forensics field is all about. “People don’t realize that working in forensics is much more than what you see on TV shows,” said Gotham, “It’s not just about going to a crime scene and catching the bad guys, it’s more focused on lab work and examining evidence, which is what this class focuses on.” If you are considering a career in forensic science, then this class is definitely for you.