Rushing to the Top

Not only is senior Emily Rush a player on the basketball team but she is also the varsity girls’ basketball’s team captain. From a young age, she knew that this was her passion.

Sophia Selin, Columnist

As a young child, senior Emily Rush always watched her dad and sister play basketball, and she immediately knew that this was what she wanted to do. The pace, competition, and the adrenaline rush made her love the sport even more. Today, as a senior, Rush has been on the Varsity Basketball team for all four years of her high school career. She loves everything about her basketball experience. She loves her team, the atmosphere, the coaching, and – obviously – the game itself. She began playing more seriously around her middle school years. Now, she is a varsity captain for basketball player.

Her favorite part about being the captain is organizing fun activities for the whole team to do together. On Saturday, Dec. 19, they are going to go to a holiday party, where there will be a gift exchange. They also go to a countless number of retreats, just hang out as a team, and play basketball. The team has made so many memories so far this year. One of her favorite memories is beating Gilbert Christian by one individual point at the homecoming game her freshman year. Another memory is winning a championship by a buzzer beater against Pusch Ridge just a few weeks ago.

Not only is Rush an amazing basketball player and captain. But she is also an example of true perseverance. There is no way that it can be easy to get so far in a sport without a lot of hard work. It is such an incredible accomplishment to be honored with the title of team captain. She says that she is constantly working on improving her skills in this game.