JV Girls’ Basketball Jousts the Knights

On Friday, Jan. 21 at 2:30 p.m., the JV girls’ basketball team took on Tempe Prep basketball team, the Knights, for their homecoming games.

Sophia Selin, Columnist

On Friday, Jan. 21, the Lady Eagles has proved once again to be an exceedingly strong team – they did this by taking on the Knights, in front of a group of very supportive friends and family for their homecoming game. With a win from the Eagles and a score of 29-15, it is more than safe to say that they soared to new heights.

Both the Knights and the Eagles came on strong in the first quarter. However, ten minutes into the game, the score was 7-0, with the Lady Eagles in the lead. Throughout the whole game, there was a lot of great team work. Even though the Knights were strong, the Eagles stayed stronger the whole time. After many tense moments, the Knights scored, and the score was 7-4. However, Horizon Honors was still in the lead. Towards the end of the second quarter, the two teams were locked in a very exciting tie. This tie was the consequence of a stunning basket from the Knights. Luckily for the Eagles, the score almost immediately spiraled back up to 11 to 9. By halftime, Horizon Honors was in the lead still 11-9. As halftime went on, the audience anxiously held their breaths as they waited for an epic second half.

After both teams had practiced shooting some hoops, the game finally resumed. In the very first minute, the Lady Eagles started out with an exceptional basket by sophomore Addie Martin. After a few more action-packed minutes, the score was up to 16-13. Throughout the second half, the Eagles were ahead of the Knights. Both of these teams were a good match for one another. With six minutes left and a score of 17-13, both teams excelled as the game was drawing to a close. Several more minutes passed with more good runs, good passes, and some phenomenal baskets. Now, the score was at an extraordinary 21-15, the result of amazing playing from the Eagles. For many, it seemed that it was quite noticeable that Martin had some really outstanding moments as she made many phenomenal baskets including scoring two points in a free shoot. She lead the Eagles to a whooping score of 25-15. Finally, a great play led Horizon Honors to the final score of 29 to 15.

The JV girls’ basketball team keeps on rising to the top. Congratulations Horizon Honors Eagles!