Read for the World Record!

The Scholastic “Read for the World Record” event began May 9 and ends on Sept. 9.


Horizon is at it again! Could we read our way into the Guinness book of world records?

Tommy Billings, Columnist

The “Read for the World Record” event by Scholastic is going on now. The event promotes reading in the summertime by allowing students to log their minutes, play games, and create their own avatar online.

Logging minutes is very simple; simply sign in and look at for the list of days in the current week. Click on the blue numbers, type in your minutes read, verify, and click done. There are many games, some of the most popular being Rival Orbs, Balance Buster, and Chicken Road. In addition, create your own avatar by clicking on your current profile picture in the dashboard. In 2008, Horizon Honors received a #4 ranking worldwide, and it would be great to beat that world record and spread our school name.

Create your account and start reading now at today.