FIDM Club Lookbook

FIDM Club has recently created a lookbook, which is chock full of trendy outfits and styling tips.


The FIDM club at Horizon Honors completed their lookbook this past weekend.

Haylee Haupt, Columnist

FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) Club consists of a group of students who are interested in fashion and modern trends. This past weekend, they created a lookbook together. Each student brought two outfits for a photoshoot in Tempe. I asked the students in the club about the shoot and their personal fashion choices.

The Horizon Sun: Why did you join the club?

Luke Butler, junior: “I joined the club because I had a lot of friends in it and I thought it’d be fun because I like clothes and it’d be a good learning experience.”

Sophia Triano, sophomore: “I’m really into fashion and I enjoy dressing up.”

Charlie Denwood, junior: “I joined the club to enhance my style as well as influence others.”

Aidan Barry, senior: “I joined it to expand my horizons because this isn’t something I’d normally do, but I really enjoy it.”

Bryanna Holguin, sophomore: “A lot of my friends are in it and I thought it’d be a fun experience.”

Dianara Lopez, junior: “I joined the club because I like fashion and all my friends are in the club, so I thought it’d be fun.”

Laney Corey, junior: “I joined the club because I sat alone at lunch on Wednesdays since all my friends were in the club, so here I am.”

Emily Harry, sophomore: “ I love fashion, and I believe everyone can express themselves through the clothes they wear.”

Erica Kendree, junior: “I joined FIDM because I like the people in the club and they all inspire me, and I like fashion.”

Burke Wood, sophomore: “My friend put me in the group chat, so I joined.”

Hannah Rutledge, junior: “I like expressing myself through clothing and the people in the club are so accepting and it just feels like a good fit for me.”

Gabriella Triano, junior: “I really love fashion.”

Ivori Anderson, junior: “I joined because I love fashion and I thought it’d be fun to tap into my inner designer.”

The Sun: What kind of style would you say you have?

LB: “I don’t have a particular style, but I like flannels and sweatshirts.”

ST: “I like a lot of boho stuff.”

CD: “I’d say a cross between street wear and grunge.”

AB: “Preppy/frat.”

BH: “I don’t really have a specific style.”

DL: ¨I would say my style is casual, yet cute.¨

LC: “I would describe my style as comfortable and casual.”

EH: “I’m updated on today’s styles, but I usually go for shabby-chic.”

EK: “Cute and casual.”

BW: “Whatever I can find.”

HR: “I don’t think I have a specific style because I wear a huge variety of clothing, some days I wanna dress hippie and some days edgy. It changes day to day.”

GT: “It depends on the season, but I’m really into bohemian.”

IA: “I’m pretty casual and chic at the same time.”

The Sun: What’s your go-to look?

LB: “A flannel with jeans.”

ST: “I usually go with a flowy dress and a simple necklace.”

CD: “Jeans and a flannel.”

AB: “Anything preppy.”

BH: “A dress and some boots.”

DL: “Jeans, a cute shirt, and sandals.”

LC: “My go-to look is blue jeans with a basic tee and a cute necklace, with sandals.”

EH: “A nice pair of shorts and cute t-shirt.”

EK: “Jeans, sandals, and a cute sweater.”

BW: “Jeans and a button-up.”

HR: “Converse, jeans, and some sort of t-shirt or sweatshirt.”

GT: “A bohemian dress and some cute sandals.”

IA: “I don’t have many basic colors, so I wear a lot of patterns or something with texture, with some jeans or leggings.”

The Sun: How’d the photo shoot go?

LB: “It went really well, it was a lot of fun. It’s a really fun group to be with.”

ST: Didn’t attend the photoshoot.

CD: “I think the photo shoot went really well; we got some cool pictures and it was a pretty positive experience.”

AB: “I thought it went very well. We got a lot of different types of pictures in different sceneries that we wouldn’t have got if we did it at school.”

BH: “I think it went really well. Everyone was so photogenic so it worked really well.”

DL: “It was really fun, we got to hang out and see other people’s styles and get inspiration from each other.”

LC: “The photo shoot was very successful, I feel like we got a lot of great photos for our fall collection.”

EH: “I think we did okay. It was definitely a learning experience, there were some bumps along the way, but it came together.”

EK: “I think it was really fun and all the pictures turned out great. I think the lookbook’s gonna be so cool.”

BW: Didn’t attend the photo shoot.

HR: “I loved it, it was fun. It was a little hectic at times but it came together in the end.”

GT: Didn’t attend the photo shoot.

IA: “In my opinion, it went really well. It was a little rocky in the beginning since we didn’t really know what we were doing, but as we progressed throughout the day we fell into a nice comfortable routine with everyone.

I then asked the club president, Ivori Anderson, two separate questions.

The Sun: What are the club’s plans for the future?

IA: “Our plan is to get a lot more people interested in the club, because a lot of people, especially guys, think that it’s all just girly, but design is for everyone. Everyone has a style, even if you just have a basic tee and some cargo shorts, it’s still your style, it’s still who you are. I want to open the club up to everyone in the school and get everyone excited about what we’re doing.

The Sun: How can people join the club?

IA: “People can join by coming to our meetings at lunch on Wednesdays, or just come up to one of our members to ask about the club.”

The Fall/Winter Lookbook will be available within the third quarter.