Exploring the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum

On Tuesday April 11, 2017, Horizon Honors’ biology classes went to the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum (ASDM) for a field trip. They learned about conservation of animals and plants in the desert while making memories they will never forget.


Olivia Hamer

Various cacti and other plants were in the museum.

Hannah Browning, Campus Life Editor

At 7 a.m., biology students got onto the buses for the long ride to Tucson, Arizona. At the museum, they were able to learn about the Sonoran Desert and the need for preservation. They were taught about some of the conservation efforts put in place by the museum and the state of Arizona. Everyone was able to explore the museum with their group while learning about the nature of Arizona.

After getting off the bus, the students split into their groups and were able to start exploring the museum. There were outdoor areas and indoor areas, and the students were able to see the various plants and animals that live there. The students saw coyotes, javelinas, roadrunners, geckos, scorpions, ocotillo, brittlebush, and many other organisms.

The inside exhibits focused more on the history of the Sonoran Desert. Students could see the dinosaurs that lived there at one point in time, and an  Earth Sciences exhibit showed them the Earth from a satellite’s view along with videos about some of the weather earth experiences.

The day included quite a bit of walking, and a decent amount of it was uphill. Luckily, the students were able to order lunch and eat with their friends before heading back to school. They had another long bus ride and didn’t arrive back to Horizon Honors until after school had already ended.

At the end of the day, the students were given a short homework assignment with questions on what they learned. The students enjoyed learning about the environment about them and how to preserve it, so future generations will be able to see the beautiful nature of Arizona just like they were able to.