Catalina Foothills Gets Served

Horizon Honors boys’ volleyball pushes the team into the semifinals.

Mya Smith, Columnist

The volleyball boys took the win playing against Catalina Foothills and will be going to semifinals to attempt victory at the state championship. The boys have worked hard this year to get where they are now, so they are enthusiastic for their effort to pay off. They had an amazing game on May 9, crushing the other team with hard hits and unparalleled teamwork. The fan section was wild with cheering as they helped the boys get sideout points when the ball was taken. Burke Wood, sophomore, was perhaps the most spirited cheerleader as he whooped to encourage the team.

Senior Trevor Weary is more well known as “Trevor Weary, Volleyball God,” for his exceptional playing skills. Weary is going to GCU to play college volleyball. Weary played to the best of his ability in this game, as per usual, but was truly smashing balls down with amazing defensive moves. Will Goff, senior, also played exceptionally well as libero, passing and playing defense to lead the team to success.  He had many digs, showed exceptional teamwork, and ran for any shanked ball that was given to him. Matthew Murphy, sophomore, had four amazing kills while Cruise Klock, senior, helped Murphy block the outside hitter, which gave the team an even larger advantage.

The Eagles played hard throughout the whole game, with the first game ending 25-13 in Horizon Honors’ favor. The boys kept the energy up during the second game, scoring 25-12; we only needed one more game to win, and we fought for victory, pushing hard to rack up points. The team won the last game 25-9, leaving us with three wins. The boys played marvelously and the student section helped with every point. Go out and see the boys play Cienaga at 5:15 p.m. on Friday, May 12. Support the Eagles as they continue their push to the championship.