Mya Smith, Columnist

Mya Smith is a ninth grader at Horizon Honors and plans to strive to be the best columnist she can be this year. Smith has been going to Horizon Honors for two years, and this is her first year in Journalism. It is her favorite class: she loves to come to class and to get to know each of her classmates. Smith in general loves to learn new things about people and is caring and considerate about what other people have to say.

Smith is very into playing volleyball; it is her passion and it is her life. She is 5’11” and one of the tallest girls on the volleyball team. At the moment, she likes to cook and is interested in learning how to make different meals. Smith loves to take time to read, especially books in the horror and romantic genres. Smith is currently in the Pre-Med Club as she wants to aspire to be in some sort of medical field. Smith is also in FCA and is volunteering at the ASPCA in Arizona since she loves animals.

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