Treat Your Troops

Whether you trick-or-treat or hand out candy, there’s always a beneficial way to deal with the leftovers, and sending it to our troops is at the top of the list.

Emily Christian, Columnist

Let’s be honest – eating your entire load of Halloween candy in one go is far from desirable. It may be exciting at first, but after a while, sugar just becomes boring and even sickening. But there’s always an alternative. Give a portion of your candy to those who really need a sweet treat: our troops. With nothing but basic meals every day, I, too, would want something sweet and familiar. Luckily, there are many organizations that you can send candy to who ration it and send it off to our forces across the globe. Each year, my family donates candy to Operation Gratitude, who also accept letters of appreciation for our soldiers. If you’re still not willing to give up your loot that easily, some doctors, dentists, and orthodontists will host candy buy-backs which you can earn money for however much you donate. This candy then goes to organizations such as Operation Gratitude.

One Milky Way you don’t eat can become one Milky Way a soldier does, which can make all the difference. Candy donations are also a great way to take the stuff you don’t want off of your hands. Not only will you make an impact on your health, but also on the lives of countless others.