Senior Lunch

Natori Cruz, Editor

On May 22, Horizon Honors’ class of 2013 gathered in the Community Room for the annual senior lunch.  A variety of  talented students performed; Luis Quintanilla recited an original spoken word poem, “Write with Purpose,” and Lexi Spitzer, Carlee Farhar, and Stephanie Yamamoto performed Macklemore’s “Same Love.”

I got an opportunity to interview several students, who gladly gave their perspectives not only on the celebration but on their time at Horizon.  Jessica Maroon has been going to Horizon Honors since kindergarten. When asked who she’s going to miss the most, she said, “Oh my gosh, probably all of my friends, all the people I’ve known since kindergarten.”  Alex Dockery has been attending Horizon Honors for four years. “I’m going to miss all my friends, too many to name,” Dockery begins. “I’m also going to miss being able to mess around and get away with not having a job.”  When asked who he would miss the most, Matt Weeman, a student at Horizon Honors since 7th grade, stated, “The students! Most definitely going to miss the faculty… but we seriously do have the best students in the whole world.”