Swinging in the Rain


Juniors Karley MacArthur and Bennett Wood swing dancing at a local dance club.

Katy Abbe, Columnist

Although Horizon offers a variety of clubs and afterschool activities, there are some programs and hobbies that the school has yet to offer. For students to get their fill of whatever interests them, they must flock elsewhere. Junior Karley MacArthur is one of those students.

MacArthur is a dancer, and she has recently branched out to dabble in swing dancing with a few other students, including junior Bennett Wood.

MacArthur enjoys swing dancing because “You get to dance with friends and have fun.” MacArthur has loved dancing her whole life, and it has become a form of expression for her. It is not uncommon to find MacArthur dancing. In any situation, she’ll be shuffling to a rhythm only heard by her, or even performing a condensed version of a routine.

Dancing is her passion. She says she’s happy when she dances, content with the world around her and with herself. And, what more could she ask for when looking for a way to express herself? MacArthur has found her niche, and she is excited to further her experience with this art form.