Help Horizon Honors “Color The World”

Horizon Honors’ 7/8 Spanish students are working with the Pulsera Project by raising money, through selling pulseras that will be sent to Nicaragua to help families in need.


Photo Courtesy of Colin Crane via The Pulsera Project

Using the funds brought in from pulsera sales, we are able to make a difference by coloring the world with beautiful pieces of Nicaraguan culture, all the while improving the lives of those in need.

Danielle Moran, Columnist

The pulsera project is a non-profit organization that buys pulsers from young Nicaraguans, sells them mostly through American schools, then brings the profits back to Nicaragua. Students in more than 800 schools in the United States sell each pulsera for five dollars; nothing more, nothing less.

The money from the sales is divided and put to use wherever needed: to help youth shelters, fund scholarships, provide loans, and support the pulsera makers’ co-op of shelter “graduates” with their community development projects. In addition, the Pulsera Project works with other organizations all over Nicaragua including La Esperanza Granada (education development), Si a La Vida (shelter support), La Isla Foundation (workers’ rights), and The Solar Women of Totogalpa (environment work), as well as organizations in Uganda and Guatemala.

What exactly are pulseras, you ask? Pulseras, or bracelets in Spanish, are one-of-a-kind, hand-woven bracelets made by Nicaraguan artisans. Each pulsera comes with a picture of the person that made it and their signature. Not only is weaving used as a form of therapy for many of the artists at the shelters, but it is also a native art that has been passed down through generations.

This school year, the students of Spanish 7/8 Honors are taking part in the Pulsera Project. They will be selling pulseras for five dollars before and after school, as well as during lunch. Sales begin on Nov. 17 and end Nov. 25. All proceeds go towards benefiting those in need. Help color the world and bring the vibrant culture of Nicaragua to our school by purchasing a pulsera for yourself or your friends and family.