People of the Press – Week One

People of the Press is a column in which we, the crew behind the Sun, share a bit of ourselves with you by answering seemingly mundane questions that bring out our eccentric personalities.

Question for week one: If they made a movie of your life, what genre would it be and who would play your character?

Addy Bennett

Romantic tragedy (and period drama) with Carey Mulligan or Emma Watson as myself. It’s gotta be good and angsty.

Alexa Geidel

Comedy/drama/romance starring Alexa Geidel as Alexa Geidel.

Arlayna Schooley

Comedy of Course/Drama/Horror


Science Fiction/satire starring Kristin Wiig.

Connor Lowe

Some horrible amalgamation of comedy, drama, action/adventure and lazing around at the computer. A cult classic that’s “so bad it’s good,” starring Matt Smith and Daniel Radcliffe, both actors somehow playing me at the same time.

Cooper Brown

Buddy Cop Comedy starring Will Ferrell and Channing Tatum as myself.

Daisy Valentin

Mystery/ Comedy/Drama/Action: starring Eva Mendes as moi.

Danielle Moran

Something funny and cute, like a feel-good kind of movie, with Julia Roberts as myself!

Emmy Walker

Comedy/Drama starring young Taylor Swift as Emmy Walker.

Jake Matise

Comedy/sports movie starring Jake Matise as Jake Matise, and Matthew Mcconaughey

Joseph Grosjean

Action, Comedy, Ryan Deitchman as me.

JJ Rivas

Comically mundane drama starring a new unnamed actor. Will be nominated at Sundance Film Festival but will win in no category.

Lauren Bander

Fantasy Dramedy, starring Emma Watson as myself.

Marty Rhey

I don’t know what genre, but it would basically just be Jonah Hill yelling at a bunch of people for god knows what reason.

Nathalia Rivera

Comedy, Drama, and Action starting Naya Rivera as Nathalia Rivera.

Natori Cruz

Comedy (a day in the life of Natori Cruz), starring Wanda Sykes as myself in a high school environment.

Ryan Deitchman

A comedic tragedy, action/adventure, Jake Gyllenhaal as me.

Sammi Tester

A comedy/ sci-fi adventure: sort of like Star Trek and Doctor Who meet Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Starring Amanda Seyfried as Sammi Tester.

Selina Fluty

Some movie filled with sarcastic comments, action, and Sci-Fi, probably starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Misha Collins, and David Tennant as Sherlock, Castiel, and the Tenth Doctor.

Zach Asato

A magical Sci-fi, Comedy, Romantic, Action/Adventure movie with Ansel Elgort as me with Jennifer Lawrence, Shailene Woodley, Emma Watson, and Robert Downey Jr. as co-stars. Also, there would be music by Ariana Grande throughout the entire movie.