“Band-amonium” Breaks Out at Secondary Band Concert

Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, and Symphonic Band end their last concert of the year with no “treble”.

Pradyoth Velagapudi, Managing Editor

The secondary band concert on Thursday, May 18, was a “key” moment for the performers, as it was their last performance of the year. They all played very well, with a full sound, and everyone could definitely tell that music was their “forte.” (If you are already tired of these music puns, just keep on “reed-ing” and please don’t do anything “brass.”)

Although they are the smallest group, Wind Ensemble was definitely taking “notes” in class, because they played with a surprisingly filled-out sound for such a small band. Everyone cheered after their finale, “Music from Pirates of the Caribbean,” which definitely “hooked” in the audience with its pirate-y appeal.

Concert Band was up next. They were a much bigger group than the Wind Ensemble, and were also more experienced and, as a result, had a stronger “bass” to build upon. They played their pieces in an unconventional order, according to Eric Best, the band director, because they started with a fanfare piece rather than a march.

Symphonic Band, the biggest and most experienced band, ended the night with some powerful pieces that immediately “struck a chord” with the audience. Before the finale, Best recognized the seniors who were leaving to college soon, as well as students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and excellent musicianship within the band (these students were voted by their peers). Senior Joseph Vitagliano won the Musicianship award and senior Evan Gunderson won the leadership award. All in all, it was a “bari” good concert.