What’s Shakin’, Bakin’?

Prepare yourselves, bakers! Horizon’s new club looks fun, promising, and filled to the brim with sugar and flour.

Emily Christian, Columnist

The smell of fresh-baked cookies straight from the oven is always mouth-watering. Imagine that now, and every Friday after school in Spanish teacher Shannon Barden’s classroom. If that sounds great to you, Baking Club is here to make your dreams come true. Plan, bake, and enjoy your own creations directly from the school’s convection oven in the kitchen. Fortunately for the novices, joining does not require any previous experience, and will even go beyond your grandma’s how-to on whipping up the best batch of cupcakes.

The first meeting of middle school’s to-be baking prodigies was held on Friday, September 23, and may be forever etched into history. The club was an instant hit, with 27 attendees and two rounds of baking-style Kahoot. Neve Andrew, seventh grader, is the founder and newly-elected president of Baking Club. She admits she was nervous about how many people may show up, recounting the time someone she knew tried starting up a club with little success. But Andrew’s astounding perseverance and dedication has brought her here. It is obvious that Andrew must be planning something big; during the first meeting, she brought up a potential cupcake war—something that made the audience noticeably perk up. And even if you don’t plan on joining, there is the possibility of a bake sale. Imagine all of those delicious desserts just waiting for you to buy them (of course, you could just try them every week if you want the commitment of the club).

Although there is a fee upon joining–$20 and your Friday’s time–every buck goes towards providing ingredients for all those yummy baked goods that appear to be very near in your future, according to my sugar-senses. Andrew hopes to keep the members baking throughout the whole year, and that dream becomes more achievable with every contribution. At the end of the meeting, Andrew guaranteed her knowledge of baking, its techniques, and a grown interest for her hobby. Baking Club is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a good time with new friends and, of course, a full belly.