Varsity Lady Eagles Take the One-Point Win

Kate Allen, Columnist

Horizon Honors varsity girls basketball team won their game against Arizona College Preparatory school 39-38 in the last minute of the game. All of the girls were super excited to have made this accomplishment in such a tough and close game. Freshman starter Piper Corey was the MVP of the night with 21 points in the game. Corey has been a great asset to the team and is continuing to grow more and more as the season progresses.

The Horizon Sun: What made you choose to play basketball this season?

Piper Corey, freshman: I’ve played one sport my entire life and, to be honest, it was getting kind of old, and basketball is a way for me to play a sport that I’m actually enjoying.

The Sun: Did the game have a big impact on you personally? Why?

PC: Yes, because I’ve been able to find a sport that I really love.

The Sun:  Are there any other sports you are planning on joining this school year?

PC: I’m planning on playing softball this year.

The Sun: Will you continue to play throughout high school?

PC: That would ultimately be the goal.

The Sun: What has been the hardest thing to overcome throughout the season so far?

PC: It’s been a bit difficult jumping from playing against middle schoolers to varsity players that are way older than me, so I’ve definitely had to raise my level of play this year.

Corey has been a valuable asset to the team through the season and will continue to contribute to the team until the end. She has definitely faced some challenges, but has learned how to overcome and built strength. Corey is very determined to make the team better and win more games into the beginning of next year.