Nik Dave Awarded Flinn Scholarship

Reese Bennett, Columnist

Nik Dave, senior at Horizon Honors, has received the honor of being given the Flinn Scholarship. This scholarship is given to only 20 high-achieving seniors out of the entire state of Arizona, and comes with four years of college at an Arizona public university, study abroad, a funded internship, personal mentorship, and other advantages. To earn this scholarship, Dave had to apply for it and survive the narrowing down to 20 students twice. Still, Dave pushed through and earned this incredible scholarship, which, according to FlinnFoundation, “values more than $120,000.” It makes sense that this senior made this achievement, since he’s incredibly well-rounded, skilled, and compassionate.

Dave says to earn the scholarship was “extremely humbling.” He’s excited to see what he’ll be able to do in college, and is proud to represent Horizon Honors at ASU. He will be studying neuroscience and biology. His interest for these two topics first budded when he was a young teenager. He said he “volunteered at a senior living center” and “met a lady there with Alzheimer’s.” She was the start of his interest in the brain, specifically Alzheimer’s and its effects. In fact, when he reached high school, he noticed that there was no opportunity to research medical issues at Horizon Honors, so he founded reSearching The Cure, a club in which students can study and explore illnesses and work to see if they can help find a cure. Dave stated that he’s “extremely excited for the opportunities that college will bring [him].” In the branches of neuroscience and biology, he intends to continue his research on Alzheimer’s, and will be working in the same lab when he attends college that he’s working in now. Dave hopes to make a change to the neurological disease in the future. Horizon Honors is proud to have such an incredible, trail-blazing student among its alumni.