Senior Smarts

Matt Butler, Columnist

Wow… 13 years of schooling in the books. I remember the first day walking into kindergarten, hyped up because I had a dope new sports blanket for nap time. Head held up high, the teachers asked me what my name was and I answered confidently “Peanut Little,” a nickname given to me by my mom. From that moment on, I knew I was going to stay at Horizon Honors for my entire schooling career. In all honestly, I couldn’t see myself going anywhere else. Except, next year I am going to have to move schools and start my college student career at MCC! Anywho, as seniors, we have been through it all, at least when it comes to schooling. For the underclassmen and anyone who is going to come into high school, advice is key and through experience you gain the knowledge to give advice. I asked seniors from here and other schools about their advice for future students. Here are their answers…

Ryan Hickey, Horizon Honors for 13 years

  • I would say live in the moment because time goes by so fast.

Demetrio Macias, Horizon Honors for 3 years

  • Set concrete goals and make a specific set of steps of what needs to be done in order to achieve that goal

Emmy Walker, Horizon Honors for 4 years

  • Don’t get so hung up on school that you forget to make memories with your friends and family. When you look back at high school you won’t remember the hours of homework, you’ll remember people and the time you spent with them.

Justin Jacobs, Horizon Honors for 10 years

  • Form a good relationship with your teachers and you will overall do better in their classes.

Natalie Swanstrom, Corona Del Sol

  • Start thinking about college really early so it isn’t as stressful senior year.

Noe Ramirez, Horizon Honors for four years

  • Live it up.

Jeremy Kollman, Horizon Honors for six years

  • Enjoy it all, the time goes by way too fast.

Sammi Tester, Horizon Honors for four years

  • Don’t stress about small things because everything will work itself out in the end.

Shannon Binkley, Horizon Honors for 14 years

  • Find what it is that makes you happy and stick with it.

Anonymous, DV senior

  • Enjoy your final years of high school, especially senior year. It’s the last time you’ll get to be a kid.

Laney Corey, Horizon Honors for 12 years

  • Go to school. It can be really easy to just stay home instead, but it’s not the best way to stay on top of your grades. Nothing’s worse than having a low grade a few weeks before graduation and having to stress about it.

Joe Cowles, Horizon for four years

  • Always turn in homework on time because it’s super easy to fall behind and get buried in late work.

Benjamin Bongard, Horizon Honors for four years

  • I gotta say just be yourself, and always, ALWAYS get the high ground, because then it’s over, Anakin.

Nikan Najafpour, Desert Vista Senior

  • Don’t stress that much about high school; it’s a small part of your life.

Zack Lockwood, Horizon Honors for

  • Don’t work yourself to death. Hang out with friends as well and enjoy yourself.

Cameron Klein, Horizon Honors for 13 years

  • Never let someone tell you what you can and can’t be. As long as you work hard enough you can accomplish anything.

Mariah Padilla, Horizon Honors for 2 years.

  • Take the SAT early and as many times as you can.

Ben Riddle, Horizon Honors for seven years

  • Drink water.

Mckenna Dunn, Horizon for twelve years

  • Try everything. High school is the place where you can experience anything you want, so take advantage of it.

Morrison Dietz, Seton Catholic

  • Do as much homework as possible and always keep past assignments to use for finals.

Nichelle Robbins, Horizon Honors for

  • Always stay on top of homework because once you get behind it’s hard to get back.

Max Allen, Horizon Honors for

  • Although it might not seem like it, grades are the most important things in school. Not sports or friends or anything like that. Learn to balance everything and you will be successful.

Roshi Patel, Horizon Honors for

  • Appreciate all of the little things in your life because time really does fly and you’re going to wish you could go back to those days.

Erica Kendree, Horizon Honors for five years

  • Cherish the little moments.

Haley Greene, Horizon Honors for ten years

  • Stop caring what others think about you.

Will Urt, Horizon Honors for eight years

  • Even though you’re a senior and high school is almost over, don’t forget to live every moment given because it flies by fast enough and soon you’d be wishing that you would have done something.

Carol Schmaltz, Horizon Honors for one and half years

  • Don’t stress yourself over assignments. Often times it’s not worth it.
  • Save all your old assignments. You might reuse them.
  • Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Perfect the art of nap taking.

Ryan Holguin, Horizon Honors for four years

  • Do your homework.

Daniel Haros, Horizon Honors for thirteen years

  • Keep your grades up so you won’t have to crunch for finals AND TAKE DUAL ENROLLMENT and AP as it will help your college life go easier. Also be involved in clubs so that you can network and expand your horizons, pun intended.