What is NJHS?

As new members join, new questions arise: what is NJHS?

Emily Christian, Columnist

National Junior Honors Society (NJHS) is an international organization for middle school students (grades 6 through 10) who are academically excellent and ethically engaged in their communities. For students, being a part of NJHS is essential to planning ahead to excel in high school, college, and future careers. NJHS isn’t just a title; it’s a responsibility. Challenges come along with upholding membership in a society with such high entrance requirements, and new members must be prepared for these hurdles and how to overcome them. Luckily, the members of Horizon Honors’ chapter of the National Junior Honors Society are easy to approach and willing to help.

Xin Yen Lim is a member of NJHS who willingly offered answers to questions concerning involvement in the society.

Horizon Honors: What is NJHS to you? Why is it important to your middle school career?

Xin Yen Lim, eighth grader: Even though NJHS isn’t exactly the most significant part of my middle school life, it’s still important to me. NJHS seems like this group of people who are really smart and amazing, but it’s mostly a group of people just like everyone else. I mean, they do work hard to reach their goals, but they aren’t – or we aren’t, I suppose – someone special. It kind of shows to me that it’s not just about how smart someone is, but [that] they also have to work hard, be responsible, and show that they care in order to succeed. It’s important because it makes me strive to be even more so the person that can be proud of saying they’re part of NJHS. It shouldn’t just be a title, but it should be something that actually means something.

Brianna Reinhart, eighth grader: NJHS to me is a group of outstanding students demonstrating leadership throughout their school. It is important to be in NJHS because it can help to shape a student’s character.

Horizon Honors: What is your favorite part of NJHS?

XL: My favorite part is probably Daycare Buddies. Members do it once per quarter, and they go to the staff daycare and play with the kids there. The children are adorable and while they might need a bit warming up to, they’re just fun to be around.

BR: My favorite part of NJHS was daycare buddies.

Horizon Honors: Is upholding your NJHS membership difficult? Why or why not?

XL: NJHS isn’t particularly hard. There are no ridiculous expectations. At first, I had to be reminded occasionally that there was an NJHS meeting, but over time it just became a habit to check the announcements for NJHS. Everything’s kind of laid back. No one’s expected to do more than they want to or anything.

Horizon Honors: What is your advice to the new seventh and eighth grade members?

XL: I would say just relax and enjoy it. As I said, there’s nothing really hard about it. Don’t stress out about everything because there really isn’t much to be stressed out [about]. And when I say enjoy it, remember that NJHS isn’t just about working and working. There’s Daycare Buddies! You don’t often get chances to do what NJHS offers, so if you can, do it.

NJHS is an incredible opportunity for students who wish to enhance their academic careers. It’s designed for honors students, but there’s endless opportunities for fun. If you are a new NJHS member or are looking to join NJHS later on, don’t be afraid to approach the officers or members of Horizon Honors’ chapter of the society.