Read Up @ Study Night

Elizabeth Stover, Columnist

Finals are coming up and students need to prepare. On Monday, Dec. 17, Horizon Honors is holding a study night for high school students to help them get ready for finals. It is from 5-8 p.m. in the High School Courtyard and Community Room. Admission is $5, and those who attend get an five snacks from the Eagle’s Nest. Comfy clothes and blankets are encouraged. Ms. Bors, Mr. Garrett, Mrs. Cavaleri, Mr. Dixon, Mr. Gotham, Mrs. Driggs, and Mr. Huber will be attending for students who need help.

On top of studying at home for finals, you should incorporate group studying into your schedule. Finals Study Night is a perfect way to get together with friends and prepare for finals. Group studying is a great way to stay on task and have fun simultaneously. According to Ivy Experience, you can also gain new perspectives and a deeper understanding of topics, as you discuss them with others. Top Universities states that studying with others is a great way to truly understand what is being learned. Studying alone can help someone learn something temporarily, but studying and engaging with others will help students comprehend and remember what they are learning. So come on down to the courtyard and study with your peers!