The Greatest Art Show

Every semester, the Art Show wows the Horizon Honors community.

Yaniv Golden, Columnist

On Friday, Dec. 13, 2019, Horizon Honors hosted a special event that happens at the end of each semester: the Art and Guitar Showcase. This night celebrates the achievements of the students who participate in fine art electives such as Digital Art, Graphic Design, Culinary Arts, Guitar, and Art. The students in these classes worked hard throughout the semester and it truly shows.

In the Media Center, the Digital Art and Graphic Design students showed off their amazing pieces. These pieces range anywhere from small 3 x 4 stylized initials to a massive cardboard cutout of a car designed with an Art Deco flair. Multi-media also presented their work in the Media Center, including games, animations, and 3D designs. 

The work from the Art classes, displayed in the Community Room and the gym hallway, introduced the viewer to a whole new world. Some pieces looked almost life-like and beautiful, while others were more contemporary or cartoonish, representing each student’s style. The interactive art piece showcased in the Community Room featured origami swans created by the students, sitting around a fancy chair, perfect for a photo.

Culinary Arts made its home in the gym lobby and passed out treats such as brownies, maple cookies, and lemon squares, all blissfully delicious. It was obvious that the students put their heart and soul in this cooking.

The Guitar showcase in the Multi-Purpose Room was also a concert to remember. Each individual played the guitar masterfully, and it was hard to believe some of them started playing only four months ago.

This year, each class showed all their hard work at the Art and Guitar Showcase. If you missed this one, you still have a chance to go to the spring show in May, and celebrate even more achievements for the Horizon Honors arts programs.