Vetting the Vending Machines

The vending machines that were a hallmark of the Horizon Honors campus have been removed, and The Horizon Sun found out why.



Bella Rao, Columnist

Arriving in the third quarter, students were quick to realize the vending machines, selling most items for $1 or $1.25, were missing. Rumors have made their way through the student body, but no one has determined why we no longer have the vending machines. Many students are disappointed; they enjoyed the soda and the quick snacks, especially the Pop-Tarts and Munchies. 

During an interview with Mrs. Fera, Horizon Honors’s Executive Director, she stated the vending machines were removed for a variety of reasons. Fera stated that one reason was frequent abuse to the machines. It was not uncommon to find chewed gum stuck to them, and crowds of students blocking the hallway. This, obviously, posed a safety hazard. Also, the machines regularly stopped working properly. She also stated that the vendor repeatedly raised the price to rent them out, causing concerns about students overpaying for food and drinks, while Horizon Honors made a smaller and smaller profit.

During second quarter, Horizon Honors’s leadership team went on to make the final decision to get rid of the vending machines. Fera concluded that due to the removal of vending machines, the Eagle’s Nest will now be open every school day, before and after classes. She stated that the Eagles Nest is able to fill the void of the vending machines and still have the variety of snacks for the students. Since our Eagles Nest is student-driven, its profits are more impactful and beneficial to the secondary side than the vending machines. Mrs. Fera also denied the many rumors going around, such as beliefs that the state is not allowed to sell junk food to children. Despite popular belief, the rumored law only applies to elementary students.

The hope of the vending machines’ return isn’t looking too bright, but the school aims to see how we can improve the Eagle’s Nest through student feedback. Although the vending machines are gone, there are still many great options in the Eagle’s Nest and suggestions for snacks are always welcomed.